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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013 with its Head office in Madrid and paid capital of 18.3 million euros, JABA Inversiones Inmobiliarias SOCIMI, S.A. Real-Estate Investment Company (REIT) was established to invest in the many opportunities offered by a growing Spanish real-estate market.

Since its inception, JABA was able to capture some lucrative opportunities in the main cities of Spain and currently holds a portfolio of assets with a market value of more than 56 million euros and an average yield of more than 7%.

Through its presence in Spain, JABA will thrive to become one of the leading real-estate investment companies in Europe. 

Our Strategy

At JABA, we believe that the way to achieve our investment targets can only be achieved through having a clear and focused business model. From the beginning, our strategy was clearly defined and strictly pursued.

JABA’s current strategy and business model is two folds always focusing on investing in the main cities of Spain; firstly, office buildings with a limited number of tenants that enjoy a strong market and financial position with medium to long-term contracts and secondly, hotels that are leased and managed to leading international hotel chains with a medium to long-term contracts.

Our tenants’ interests are at the core of our after purchase strategy. We put a major effort in up keeping our properties to stay competitive with the new developments and to reflect the status our tenants thrive for. In some cases, we adapt the whole property to suite the business of our tenants.

Our Vision

To be an important player in the real-estate market in Spain and Europe.

Our Mission

JABA Inversiones Inmobiliarias SOCIMI, S.A. will always work to ensure above average yields to its investors while remaining committed to quality and excellence.