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Our People

Board of Directors

Our Board consists of prominent members with various experiences aimed at enriching the discussions and decisions of the Board. Our Appointments and Remunerations Committee regularly reviews the performance of the Board to ensure maximum engagement and input.

Tawfiq Fakhouri


born in 1935 in JABA-Palestine. Mr. Fakhouri is a prominent Jordanian entrepreneur who started his career in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Fakhouri has a very good eye for spotting business opportunities and mobilizing the right teams to achieve results. Throughout his business career, he founded and managed many businesses in different sectors both in the Middle East and Europe.

Walid Fakhouri

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

with an MBA from City University in London, Walid has more than 20 years of management and business experience. He started his career in banking and moved quickly to top management positions. In 1995 he was appointed as Executive Manager for treasury and Investments and in 1999 held the position of Assistant General Manager at the bank of Jordan. In late 1999 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer for Arab Islamic Bank in Palestine and was later elected as Chairman of the Board. In 2013, he took over establishing and managing investments in Spain. Walid also held many position as chairman or member of boards of directors in publicly traded companies both in the Middle East and Europe.

Gema Sanz

With a BA in Law from Complutense University in Madrid, a postgraduate degree in labour law and social security from the Centre of Financial Studies, as well as a postgraduate degree in urban planning from the Centre of Juridical Practice.

Gema Sanz currently works as the director of institutional relations and the network of business development in Madrid, where she previously worked as the manager of “Competitive Plots in Madrid” Project. Gema Sanz also held many previous positions including public administrator of communication, technical consultant, and deputy director of cultural services in Madrid. In addition, Gema Sanz was a member of the Ninth Legislative Commission in Madrid, as well as a member of economic, fiscal, environmental, communication, and women committees in Madrid.

Ignacio Aragon

With a BA in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid, a Master’s in Legal Aid from the Centro de Empresas, a Master’s in Communication Management from CESMA, as well as a Master’s in Business Management, Ignacio Aragon has worked as a co-professor in commercial law in Complutense University in Madrid and a lecturer in Investment and Companies Law.

A frequent speaker in seminars and conferences on commercial law in Spain and the US, Mr. Aragon writes in magazines and business newspapers on a variety of subjects including commercial law.